Sata has stopped listening

President Michael Sata has stopped listening to the people and has instead closed himself in State House to the detriment of his party, the Patriotic Front (PF), says Agenda for Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya.

Fr Bwalya has told the Daily Nation that when Mr Sata became President, he quickly ran to State House and closed the door behind him leaving his supporters stranded in the cold.

He said the internal wrangles the PF was experiencing were being orchestrated by selfish individuals who were positioning themselves to take over from Mr Sata who has closed himself from the party and the general citizenry.

“Since the PF is Mr Sata, his absence from the party has created the quarrels the ruling party is having. Mr Sata has achieved his goal of becoming the president and he will kill the PF because he does not care about anything anymore,” Fr Bwalya said.

He said the majority of the people have realized that President Sata and the PF were a leadership of ancient times and have since started jumping off the sinking boat and were quietly advocating for change.

Fr Bwalya said the majority of PF members and leaders at various levels were silently resigning from the ruling party to join ABZ because they have realized that President Michael Sata’s political life has expired and were not ready to sink with him.

He said the problems the PF was facing where a number of leaders at different levels were being suspended or resigning was indicative that the ruling party was crumbling and would soon sink in its own dirty and violent political waters.

Fr Bwalya said President Sata and the PF rod on the wind of change that swept across the country in 2011 and won the elections without establishing structures at any level.

He said the PF only managed to dislodge the MMD from power but did not have any idea of how to govern the country.

He said the wrangles that have rocked the PF in most provinces culminating into the resignation and suspension of a number of party leaders was as a result of the dwindling popularity of the ruling party.

He said the squabbles were also an indication that the ruling party had started collapsing and that the PF top leadership should be ready for mass resignations as 2016 general elections neared.

Fr Bwalya said the PF should not accuse him or any other opposition political party leader for funning the wrangles because the problems were being caused by Mr Sata who did not care about what was happening to his party and the country.

“Besides, this is the political party that has said I am not a factor in politics and that I was going nowhere. How can they now say that I am funning wrangles in their party? My advice to those who are still in PF is that time has come to leave because if they stay, they will politically die and buried together with Mr Sata,” Fr Bwalya said.

He said well meaning Zambians must begin to denounce President Sata and the PF and join political parties that had a plan to turn the fortunes of the country.

Fr Bwalya said President Sata was a man who did not listen to advice of his handlers and that it was not surprising that the country had been politically messed up because the Head of State had always been chaotic in his character.

‘Mr Sata’s ears are full of wax and that is what will kill the party. The governance of Zambia has gone to the dogs and Zambians must not listen to the propaganda that I am insulting them by using this idiom. The PF has been written off and it is going, whether they like it or not,” Fr Bwalya said.