Stop harassing the press-Saunders

The continued harassment of the pressmen by suspected PF thugs is the worst sin the ruling party will be made to pay for, says political analyst Dante Saunders.

Mr Saunders said once the freedom of information and press were tempered with, democracy of country would always be under siege.

“I regret and condemn the harassment of the media by PF thugs and it is painful to see how media personnel are suffering at the hands of these thugs. Freedom of the press must be provided so that people can make their own independent opinions,” he said.

He said the private media was one of the institutions that worked extremely hard to deliver information to the people of Zambia despite the harsh working environment they operated in.

Mr Saunders said it was logical for government to take note of issues raised against it and find amicable ways of tackling them, rather than intimidating the media.

“We will not allow these thugs to continue harassing innocent journalists who were doing their job; they must be allowed to work freely and report accurately. And to send thugs to harass the media is not the best at all.

“I am sure the same thugs will one day reveal who is behind all these harassments and intimidations the people of Zambia are currently going on .,” he said.

Mr Saunders accused the PF government of destroying democracy Zambia adding that the media was a conduit in sensitizing people about their human rights.

He noted that the state controlled media were failing to practice investigative journalism because of being intimidated and advised them to take a lead just as the private media was operating to show professionalism in the industry.

“To be precisely, these private media houses have contributed much to this country. And this state of affairs that is prevailing in Zambia is very worrying to say the least because the country’s democracy is at stake as the right to freedom of expression is threatened by violence. These acts against the media are seriously threatening Zambia’s democracy,” he said.