UPND youths prepare to fight back

Opposition UPND says it will start preparing its youths across the country to begin defending themselves from the violence that is currently being perpetrated by PF thugs.

UPND deputy national secretary Kachunga Simusamaba said following the violence that erupted in Feira yesterday where PF thugs attacked Siavonga Member of Parliament (MP) Kennedy Hamudulu and two other party officials, the party would now start defending itself from such attacks.

Mr Simusamba said Mr Haudulu together with Pumulo Sililo and Edgar Siakachoba were attacked by a group of PF thugs while they were mending a motor vehicle tyre in Feira.

He said the thugs who were in a car belonging to Lusaka District Commissioner Ashell Kampengele registration number AAX 1551 descended on the unsuspecting UPND officials and beat up the trio leaving one badly injured.

He said when the three UPND officials went to police to report the assault, the thugs followed them and started hitting them in the presence of the police officers who only looked.

Mr Simusamba said it had become evident that the PF thugs had become a law unto themselves and had no respect for police officers or the rule of law.

He said the UPND would from now on begin to retaliate each time they would be attacked because the police had become impotent under PF.

“The campaigns have been peaceful until today when the PF thugs in a white Toyota registration number AAX 1551, belonging Mr Kampengele attacked part of our team and injured Siavonga MP Kennedy Hamudulu and two other officials.

“When we went to police to report the matter to [police, the thugs followed us trhere and beatĀ  us again as the police officers looked on. It is now clear that the PF thugs have become a law unto themselves and so we are going to start preparing our youths to begin to defend themselves from these thugs,” Mr Simusamba said.

He said since the PF thugs started attacking citizens and opposition political party leaders, there has never been any prosecution by the state.

He said that opposition political partiesĀ  will not begin to defend themselves because the police had completely become a wing of the ruling party.

But PF Lusaka district chairman Kennedy Kamba said it was sad that PF was being demonized as a violent political party when its leadership had been preaching peace.

Mr Kamba said from Feira that he was unable to give the full details of the attack on the UPND members because he was not near or part of the people that attacked the trio.

Mr Kamba said his party was working at addressing the violence and denied that the PF was perpetrating violence in the country.

He claimed that the PF youths were peaceful but admitted that there could be some who could be masquerading as cadres from the ruling party.

Mr Kamba claimed that his party was not intimidating voters nor was it involved in any form of electoral malpractices because the PF was looking at playing decent politics.

Feira residents will today be forming queues as to chose another representative in Parliament after the resignation of Patrick Ngoma who was MMD MP after he joined the ruling Patriotic Front.

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  1. Evidence to petition that the elections were not free and fair due to harassment and beatings (intimidation) report to police is enough so long it is contained in the occurrence book

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