ECZ under fire from UPND

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) is not taking any serious measures to prevent politicians from engaging in electoral malpractices, says Copperbelt UPND spokesman Kennedy Kalunga.

Mr Kalunga said for that  unknown reasons, ECZ continued to fail to act on reported  electoral misconduct.

He said there was need for the ECZ to quickly intervene in the rising cases of electoral malpractices, especially by the ruling PF.

Mr Kalunga accused the PF of buying votes through ‘donations’ that were being given in areas with by elections.

He was also disturbed with the continuous nullification of opposition seats by courts of law thereby causing unnecessary by-elections. He said the recent nullification of Mulobezi seat by the Supreme Court made sad reading because nothing much had been achieved in the country by government which had concentrated on by elections. Mr Kalunga alleged that there was a systematic ploy by the PF to use the courts of law to nullify parliamentary seat so that it could have more numbers in the National Assembly through dubious by-elections especially in rural parts of Zambia.

“We are wondering why the PF cannot create by-elections in towns but all along they have found it fit to have more by-elections in rural areas, a  scenario that we find suspicious.

“We are therefore challenging the PF to create by-elections in towns so that they can prove their popularity or better still they should dissolve parliament and call for early general elections instead of  wasting and plundering taxpayers’ money through useless by-elections,” he said.

Mr Kalunga has since cautioned the people of Zambia to monitor the corruption and manoeuvring of law by the PF government which wanted to introduce dictatorship in Zambia.

“The people of Zambia are now subjected to abuse because of the manner in which the affairs of the nation are being run by the PF government,” he said.

Earlier this week, Supreme Court’s nullified the Mulobezi Parliamentary seat which was held by United Party for National Development (UPND) Member of Parliament Hastings Sililo in WesternProvince on grounds that his victory was marred with bribery and other forms of electoral malpractices.