Help bring sanity to public transport

Members of public should help government bring some sanity in the transport sector by making sure that public transport drivers obey traffic regulations, says Flash Buses proprietor Ismail Khankhara.

And Mr Khankhara said law abiding drivers who operated from inside the stations have nothing to do with the planned protests against the Police because they have no problems with the law enforcement officers.

Some minibus drivers have taken to ignoring the law thus putting the lives of the public in danger by contravening the traffic rules.

“Only a pocketful of drivers who have no licenses, those who have not gone to driving schools to learn the traffic rules and regulations are trying to incite another public uproar against the Police, but it won’t work,

“Why don’t they just go to the bus stations like their friends? We know they want to avoid bus stations so that they don’t pay any levies to the council plus they cause unnecessary congestion on the roads,” Mr. Khankhara said. He explained that government through the Police Service had established ways of improving the transport sector in Lusaka, but that members of public should also help to ensure that traffic rules were obeyed to the letter.

“The government wants to bring law and order on the streets of Lusaka and we need the people’s support because it is their lives which are in danger,” he said