…as Irish beef exporter rubbishes chemical claims

The Irish company that supplies beef products to Zambeef has described claims that it contaminates its products with aromatic aldehydes for preservation as utter rubbish.

Speaking in a telephone interview with the Daily Nation Q.K Meats Limited of Ireland spokesperson Dan Kelleher said that such claims were trash talk aimed at damaging the image of the company.

“I have heard about that and thanks that you are the first one to call us to find out the truth about this matter. It is total rubbish. This is utter rubbish suggesting that we use the chemicals to preserve our beef products we export to Africa and the European Union community.

“We keep our beef products in high and internationally standardized refrigerators and not what is being said in your country,” said Mr Kelleher . He said that his company supplied beef products to many countries in the European Union, Africa, and other countries adding that it was strange that it was being dragged into unethical activities. Mr. Kelleher said that those that doubted the transparency manner and standards set for exports in that country should have time to visit its abattoirs and other storage facilities before making such damaging statements.

“We maintain a high standard of beef products that should satisfy the international community. There is serious scrutiny of our products before they are exported to other countries. So those claims are extremely strange and uncalled for,” he said.

3 thoughts on “…as Irish beef exporter rubbishes chemical claims

  1. yaba sokoneza budget overun they think people will forget about all the bufi they told the zambians if they bring lies about zambeef. zambeef sue them after all is over for damaging your image.

  2. You can fool people sometime never all the times. To a reasonable person the all Zambeef story is a total fabrication with evil intentions.
    Shame to the tabloid that has been publishing lies this far in order satisfy its selfish agenda.
    The world has become one village; a lie on side of it will be seen on the other side and the truth told. Well done Irish company for clarifying the issue at hand.We have few ‘mad’ people in Zambia who always scandalize progressive ideas and organizations; Their views do represent majority well meaning Zambian and I hope will not damage the good Irish-Zambia relations be it at diplomatic or corporate levels.

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