It’s budget overun-UPND

The failure by President Michael Sata to explain how his government has managed the 2013 budget lines is confirmation that there is a budget over run, says UPND official Douglas Syakalima.

Mr Syakalima said Mr Sata had no excuse to give to Zambians and that was why he denied that the budget had not collapsed by talking about foreign reserves and not what the country had spent on its programs.

He said that the statement by the Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba that government was collecting less money than it was spending was in itself admitting that they had a problem with the budget.

Mr Syakalima said that Mr Sata owed Zambians an explanation about how the budget had been exhausted because it was now clear that there was no money due to unexplained expenditure and he did not understand what he was talking about.

He said that the President was scared to admit to the Zambian people that the country now had a sick economy all because of poor management by his administration.

“Mr Sata has just shown to Zambians that he does not understand anything about the economy and the budget. How can he say there was no budget over run then he goes to talk about foreign reserves and is he telling us that all he knows about the budget is something to do with foreign reserves?

“He is claiming that all is well with this year’ budget and we shall wait to see if they will not talk about budget supplements and if by September all civil servants would be paid their new salaries,” he said.

The UPND special advisor to the president Hakainde Hichilema said it was now evident that the PF had failed to run the country.

He has since challenged Mr Sata to clearly tell the nation what his budget line was like at the moment and to state where his government was drawing money from to fund extra activities that were not included in the 2013 budget line.

The opposition member said the statement by President Sata was testimony that the budget lines were not intact and that was the reason the PF leadership was tapping into foreign reserves.