Kampasa saga, Masebo in the mix ?

Residents of Kampasa village in Chongwe district have accused Minister of Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo of being an accomplice in the Kampasa confusion surrounding the land wrangles in the area.

And Kampasa residents have petitioned President Michael Sata to immediately fire Ms Masebo whom they accuses of having caused the confusion that led to the death of Bright Singogo and Phumulo Lungwangwa.

The residents have disclosed that Ms Masebo was fully aware of the conditions and circumstances of how the disputed pieces of land was given to the residents but wondered why she had decided to mislead the nation by blaming the residents and the MMD.

According to documents obtained by the Daily Nation, the residents had had applied for 118 hectors of land from the Zambia National Service (ZNS) but the Ministry of Defence had decided to demarcate only 50 hectares which was given to the settlers in April 2011.

According to a letter dated April 18th, 2011 signed by former Minister of Defence in the MMD government Kalombo Mwansa, the Zambia National service (ZNS) had only allocated 50 hectares of landĀ  to the settlers while the remaining 68 hectares were to be allocated to Ministry of Defence personnel.

In a petition to President Sata signed by the Residential Development Committee formed by the residents headed by Grandson Mphalo, the villagers are requesting President Sata to consider formalizing the 50 hectors that were allocated to the residents by ZNS through the Ministry of Defence.

The petition signed by Wezi Mbewe, chairman, Graciano Mbewe, the vice chairman, Joseph Walaza Phiri, secretary, Alfred Mphalo, co-ordinator and Zondiwe Phiri, vice secretary has requested President Sata to investigate the Galuni land said to have been given to the villagers.

And a Mr Goma, the man Ms Masebo has accused of causing the confusion that led to the killing of the two villagers has charged that the Minister of Tourism has been threatening villagers with unexplained reprisals for daringĀ  to tell the nation the truth about her involvement in the Kampasa land mystery.

Mr Goma who was arrested together with the ZNS officers suspected to have killed the Kampasa villagers said he had official documentation of the fifty hectares that was given to another group of residents by the Patriotic Front government.

Mr Goma told the Daily Nation that the PF Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba personally delivered the letter by residents applying for another fifty hectares of land to President Sata at State House.Mr Goma said Mr Mwamba was aware that President Sata had allowed the Ministry of Defence to demarcate 50 hectors of land to other residents because the MMD government had given some villagers fifty hectors to a group of people led by Mr Mphalo.

Mr Goma said it was hypocrisy of the worst kind for Ms Masebo to accuse him (Goma) causing the death of the two villagers when the land they were occupying was duly given to them by the Ministry of Defence.

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