Mailoni brothers gunned down

The three Mailoni brothers who have caused terror and killing people around Luano valley area were gunned down by soldiers from the 3rd infantry brigade after a joint security operation that has been in place forever seven years.

And Kabwe General Hospital became a hive of activity yesterday as scores of residents rushed to the morgue to catch a glimpse of the bodies of the three brothers while Central province deputy Permanent Secretary Ronald Sinyangwe has commended security personnel for executing the mission diligently.

The trio Mika, Stephan, and Fabian were gunned down on Monday around 15:00hrs in what army sources called a full scale military operation.

They have eluded security personnel and killed many villagers in the area including a pilot and a medical doctor who went to work in the area. One of the slain brothers was found wearing a shoe belonging to the doctor who was killed and police sources said prior to their gunning, they had robbed and killed a person of Kr300 and some soap which was found on them.

Their mother Janet Ngimu, who could not give the exact age of the trio described her children as wild animals and said it was good that they have been killed as they have shed so much blood in the area.

Speaking to the Daily Nation in Lala after identifying the bodies at Kabwe general hospital mortuary, the ageing granny said her children whom she had not seen for about ten years were using witchcraft to elude security personnel. She said Mika was the oldest while Fabian was the youngest of the three.

“They were not good children, they have spilled so much blood. They got witchcraft charms which they used to elude security officers, I was also a victim as they planned to kill me so that was how I fled the area with some relatives, they were like animals,” she said.

And describing the operation, senior army officers told the Daily Nation that the operation had to be lethal due to the uncompromising character of the trio. The officer who spoke on condition of anonymity said they suspected witchcraft by the brothers as they continued to be elusive.

“When we first opened fire they became something else, we had no option but to wage full scale combat so that we save many people‚Äôs lives but at a later stage we shall issue a comprehensive statement through the army public relations, as you may know this was a Zambia army operation and borders on security,” said the officer.

The bullet riddled bodies were also identified by another brother to the terrorists Justin, and Mwalala PF ward councillor in Luano district Benard Katiti, who also added that the riddance of the criminals will now bring development to Luano district. The civic leader said he knew the bandits personally as they grew up together in the same village in Luano.