PF thugs above the law?

The Zambia police have been accused of aiding Patriotic Front (PF) thugs perpetrate violence in the nation by letting them enjoy their freedom after carrying out their evil deeds against the victims.

And police sources have revealed that police could not investigate matters involving the PF thugs because there was no instruction to do so from the ‘high command’.

The sources told the Daily Nation that it was difficult for officers to investigate the culprits because they belonged to the powerful ruling party and that they could not be probed without instructions from the superiors.

They revealed that police were finding it difficulty to bring to book the people that had attacked MMD die hard youth leader Bowman Lusambo at Lusaka’ Soweto Market a few weeks ago.

They said the police senior command did not give a go ahead to the junior officers to summon the culprits for fear of being reprimanded by the appointing authority.

And Mr Lusambo confirmed to the Daily Nation that nothing had come out of the reported assault case even after producing medical reports.

He said he did not understand how the police could not summon someone for questioning even if he belonged to the ruling party.

“It is true that up to now there is nothing that has happened. I was beaten by some PF thugs led by Kennedy Kamba but police have not done anything about it.

  “I have given the police my medical report and whatever they had asked me to produce but nothing has happened,” Lusambo confirmed.

The police sources said they were not sure if the matter had been allocated to any officer for investigations because most cases that involve PF members ended up with senior officers.

Mr Lusambo was attacked and beaten along with six journalists when he was leading the advance party for MMD’s president Dr Nevers Mumba to Kanyama compound where he was expected to address party ward leaders.

However, when contacted Lusaka Police Commissioner Joyce Kasosa said the police could not proceed with the matter because they had conflicting statements.

Ms Kasosa said “We explained to Mr Lusambo that we could not proceed with the matter because the statement he gave us could not collaborate with the statement by the witnesses. How can we call the people he is accusing when we have different statements?”