ZR relocation was government move – Attanga

Zambia Railways Acting Managing Director Dr. Muyenga Attanga has disclosed that the relocation of the corporate head office was government plan and comfirmed that the company was furnishing a house for the MD in Woodlands area in Lusaka.

Dr. Attanga has also denied being offered the job of MD but says he would be happy to be comfirmed in the position,  saying government has not yet officially written to him.

“I would appreciate if I was offered the job and I would promise to turn ZR around, but it is up to the shareholders (government) to decide, as at now I have not been officially communicated to and I am not able to tell the fate of Professor Clive Chirwa as I have never handled any  correspondence between him and government,” said Attanga.

He said the decision to relocate the headoffice, which was completed last week on Friday, was to enable  government to closely monitor the operations of the company. He reiterated that the US$120 million euro bond has remained untouched at Zanaco bank.

Professor Clive Chirwa was suspended and subsequently retired in national interest for among other things planning the relocation of the railway company headoffice to Lusaka and government directed that a house be found for him in Kabwe but with this development, Dr. Attanga said the house which was rehabilitated may have to be used as a guest house or be given to another director.

Asked  why government has changed its plan on the head office location, Dr. Attanga said government as a shareholder responds to the environment and not the desires of an individual.

He stated that the house, was official residence for the company’s CEO and whoever takes up the position will have to live in that house, but maintained that he enjoyed staying in his own house in Ngwerere.

“That house is for the CEO of Zambia Railways and it is as per conditions of service offered by the employer, and if I am appointed I will have to move into that house gladly, and the company will buy me a motor vehicle then I will surrender the government vehicle I am using,” he said.

About two months ago Dr. Attanga refuted getting double salaries but said he was only getting a small living wage from the ministry, he also refuted claims of relocating the headoffice after members of the Kabwe Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Kabwe residents protested the planned relocation.