Clarify beef saga – Chipimo

The government should make a clear and categorical statement on the Zambeef scandal because the silence that has enveloped the whole saga was causing extreme trauma to the citizens, National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo has demanded.

Mr Chipimo has said the Zambeef saga was a serious matter and government should have exhibited quality leadership by promptly responding to the issues raised so as to minimize anxieties that have gripped citizens since the story was first published,

He said the PF government had failed to demonstrate leadership qualities in the handling of the Zambeef issue.

Mr Chipimo challenged government to explicitly explain to the nation as to what was really happening at Zambeef instead of leaving the matter to be discussed in the newspapers.

He told the Daily Nation that Zambians have had been subjected to extreme shock since the PF government came to power through their poor governance system, the removal of subsidies on maize and fuel and many other bad government policies.

He said the current debate on the allegations that Zambeef was importing beef products contaminated with Aromatic Aldehydes should quickly be put to an end by a comprehensive and fair investigation.

The opposition leader said it was critical for government to conduct full investigations into the matter without interference and corruption.

He said while his party welcomed the decision to withdraw all the imported beef products from Zambeef outlets across the country, it was important that government should come up with a clear statement on the matter because it was people’s lives that were at stake.

He said the tests that would be carried out during the investigations should be transparent and the results made public as soon as possible.

Mr Chipimo explained that it was worrying that no government official including President Michael Sata has said anything on the Zambeef story, leaving it to speculation by the general public.

“We demand that government should make a categorical statement on the matter because the silence that has enveloped the whole saga has caused extreme trauma to the citizens,” he said.