MMD petitions Speaker over high levels of violence

Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu should issue a ministerial statement to demystify concerns about the rising levels of violence in the country, says MMD Information & publicity secretary Alfred Ndhlovu.

Mr Ndhlovu said that Zambians deserved to hear their elected government’s position on such a volatile and emotional subject of apparently sponsored violence.

In a letter to Deputy Speaker Mukondo Lungu, Mr Ndhlovu said Mr Lungu’s clarification of the matter would serve better if government took responsibility of the sad events in the country.

“I must emphasize that all Zambians are entitled to unfettered security and in full measure. Zambians pay the necessary taxes which fund security operations including defence,

“I implore you, Hon. Deputy Speaker, to request the Minster of Home Affairs to issue a comprehensive Ministerial Statement on these matters sooner rather than later. Zambians deserve to hear their elected government’s position on such a volatile and emotional subject of apparently sponsored violence. In a democracy, a ruling political party is not elected to serve the interests of its members only,” he said.

Mr Ndhlovu recalled that recently when an MP sought the Speakers’ guidance through a ministerial statement on the violence in Matero, the Speaker was recorded to have said that Mr Miles Sampa MP for Matero had already apologized over the matter duringa service at which he also donated Kr 20, 000 to old people through BIGOCA.

He said such gestures exhibited the highest form of hypocrisy by Mr Sampa.

“First, an apology is an admission of guilt. It is, therefore, right and proper to arrest the guilty, prosecute, convict and finally sentence him in a court of law. That is how civilized societies treat apologies. Secondly, a donation of the sort made by Hon. Mr. Sampa is a bribe. The Laws of Zambia criminalize bribery.”

Mr Ndhlovu said it was surprising that the Lusaka Zambia Police command had announced that the matter could not go beyond receiving the victims’ medical reports which scientifically substantiated injuries.

He stated in his letter that the ZP commanding officer for Lusaka Joyce Kasosa alleged that the victim and complainant, Mr. Bowman Lusambo and colleagues who were beaten by some known PF thugs, produced contradictory statements and his concern was that the event appeared to be shrouded in police cooperation with those criminals.

Mr Ndholvu said as a Zambian he demanded to know whether government had lawfully engaged supplementary security services.

He said the two incidents of violence together with others that have occurred elsewhere were regrettable to civilized Zambians and that it was only those with rogue attitude who could condone such things.