RB passport cancellation illegal- Chipimo

The cancelation of former President Rupiah Banda’s passport by government is totally illegal and against the law.

NAREP president Elias Chipimo says the cancellation was an injustice that violated the Benefits Act for former President’s and that the decision should be rescinded immediately.

Mr Chipimo said the withdrawal of Mr Banda’s passport had undermined the good will  the country enjoys and abrogated the law which protects the office of the former President.

He said, “to take away the passport only shows that Zambia has no respect for the office of the former head of state and the rule of law. We demand that government should immediately rescind its decision and give the passport back to Mr Banda.”

Mr Chipimo said that only Parliament had the power to withdraw benefits due to a former President and this could only be done after he had been removed from office for breaking the law or convicted and sentenced to more than six months.

He said no one else has the power constitutionally to withdraw Mr Banda’s passport adding that the former President was free to travel and entitled to two (2) free tickets every year.

Mr Brebner Changala has also said this kind of hatred that Mr Sata and his team had exhibited against their fellow citizen and a former head of state was unprecedented in a democratic society.

“My worry now is that if they don’t achieve what they intend to I do see Mr Banda being killed by this system. We have instances in Malawi where former President Bakili Muluzi has been travelling out of the country while he was facing charges. In Zimbabwe Morgan Tsvangirai was facing treason charges but he was allowed to travel and attend to international engagements,” he said.

Mr Changala said this was how a civilised society operates and that it was sad that there were a lot of criminals in this country that were allowed to roam the streets and hold dual citizenship without any repercussion from the vengeful regime.

And former Siavonga Member of Parliament Douglas Syakalima says President Banda has been found guilty and convicted outside the courts of law by a group of people that have total disregard for the law.

Mr Syakalima said it was unfortunate that Home Affairs minister Edgar Lungu had joined a bunch of lawless characters that had a total disregard for the law.

Mr Syakalima said “This is desperation because every time they produce something stinking, they shift attention to something that is not there. Zambians have already seen and they can not be fooled anymore.

“This is total nonsense! Lungu must not abuse his office by trying to please those that have scores to settle with Mr Banda. There is total disregard for the office of the former President and this is a crime that he has committed and it is unacceptable that these crooks should take the law in their own hands” he said.