RB’s passport disappears

Zambia’s fourth republican President Rupiah Banda’s diplomatic passport has finally disappeared mysteriously as the PF government continues to flout the law in dealing with his issues relating to his entitlements as the former Head of State.

A search for the passport by the lawyers representing Mr Banda following a court order for its release proved futile as officers from the government’s joint investigation team claimed the passport had been surrendered to the registrar general.

The registrar general in turn referred the lawyers to the chief passport officer who also said he had not received the passport although he had been expecting it.

And Prominent Lusaka lawyer Sakwiba Sikota has described the action by the PF government to invalidate Mr Banda’s diplomatic passport as a brazen violation of the constitution by a group of sadists whose desire is to humiliate the man they politically and spiritually hate with passion.

Mr Sikota said it was clear that there were sadists in the PF government who were getting extraordinarily thrilled by perverse sadism saying the Michael Sata administration had reduced itself to a Tom and Jerry children’s cartoon.

Mr Banda was scheduled to travel to Tanzania at the invitation of that country’s President Jakaya Kikwete but for the umpteenth time, the former President has been denied access to his passport and has since apologised the Tanzanian Head of State for failing to travel.

Mr Banda has explained the circumstances that have led him fail to travel to Tanzania and thanked Mr Kikwete for inviting him.

It is the first time that a diplomatic passport for a former president has been cancelled in Zambia and by a group of people Mr Sikota of Central Chambers  strongly believes were blinded by a pathological hatred against Mr Banda.

The cancellation of Mr Banda’s passport has effectively reduced him to an ordinary citizen and the PF government with its surrogate rulers are determined to erase the three year Banda presidency.

Mr Sikota has said it was extremely shocking that the PF government was brazenly ignoring the statues provided in the law under the office of the former president that he together with his spouse were entitled to a diplomatic passport.

The PF government on Wednesday cancelled the diplomatic passport of fourth and immediate past president Rupiah Bwezani Banda.

Mr Sikota told the Daily Nation that there was a statute obligation to the office of the former president and his spouse to be entitled to a diplomatic passport but the PF government had decided to violate the law.

Mr Sikota said describing the cartel persecuting Mr Banda as sadists was an understatement because the group was an evil one possessed by extreme sadism.

“It is really shocking because the issue of a diplomatic passport is provided for as an entitlement in the constitution under the office of the former president. There is a statutory obligation under the office of the former president that he and his spouse shall be entitled to a diplomatic passport and one wonders how this government can brazenly ignore such a law. To say the cartel persecuting president Banda are sadists is an understatement because this is evil and extreme sadism,” Mr Sikota said.

Mr Sikota said it was extremely disheartening that in a country that was supposed to be governed on the principle of the rule of law, there was a government that was composed of people with pathological hatred against the former Head of state to an extent that they ignored and violated the supreme law of the land with glee.

He said the law was very clear about the entitlements of the former president adding even the universal declaration was clear about the freedom of someone to travel anywhere he or she wanted.

Mr Sikota wondered whether the Attorney General (AG) Mumba Malila was ever consulted and asked about stripping Mr Banda of his diplomatic passport and if the cartel did what his opinion could have been on the matter.”Michelle Obama, wife of the President of the United States of America in 2008 said for the first time in her adult life, she was so proud of her country. But for me as Sakwiba Sikota, I want to say that for the first time in my adult life, I have never been so ashamed of my own country,” Mr Sikota said.

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  1. Let them sweat this nig nose, I hate the way he manipulated the judiciary to release Chiluba thinking he was setting a precedent by which he will also walk free. Uzachiona cina lengese aBemba kudja kolwe, mambala iwe.

  2. Mr Rupia Banda should not hesitate to report the theft of his passport to nearest police station in the very first instance. When government officers behave the way they seem to be regarding whereabouts of “that government property is childish-like and indicative of gross irresponsibility and the individuals who are toying around with the law will face severe consequences when law abiding behavior returns to Zambia soon.

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