Arrest us all-MPs

The Patriotic Front (PF) regime will have to arrest all the opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) if it has to stop them from visiting their constituencies because there was absolutely no reason to abide by  the draconian and meaningless decree that the lawmakers should  get permits to visit and interact with people in their constituencies, the UPND has vowed.
UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma has dared the PF regime to arrest all the opposition MPs and jail them because they would not be stopped from touring their constituencies, at will.
Mr Kakoma said it was extremely strange that PF general secretary Wynter Kabimba could attempt to limit the freedom of the MPs from the opposition to visit and tour their constituencies to check developmental programmes that were being funded by the government.
Mr Kakoma said the PF scheme was to frustrate the opposition in all ways so that they could fail to work and meet their promises because the ruling party has embarrassingly failed the people of Zambia.
He told the Daily Nation that it was politically ironical that the PF was now banning the opposition political parties from interacting with the people in their constituencies when the ruling party’s MPs and Ministers were abusing the national purse by gallivanting across the country under the guise of explaining the removal of subsidies.
He said the PF MPs and Ministers were visiting their constituencies and other areas without police permits under the pretext that they were explaining government policies to the people.
Mr Kakoma said it was illegal for the PF regime to even attempt such draconian policies in a country that was democratic stating that Zambia was now being governed by the rule of power and not the rule of law.
The PF regime has decreed that opposition MPs intending to visit and inspect developmental programmes in their constituencies should first obtain permits from the police and District Commissioners (DCs) before embarking on their visits to their constituencies.
Mr Kabimba, who is Minister of Justice, told Parliament on Friday that MPs would need to get permission from either the DCs or the police to avoid getting in problems with the law enforcement officers.
“Tell Kabimba that his regime would have to arrest all MPs from the opposition and fill up the prisons if they have to stop us from visiting our constituencies. For as long as we know that it is within our constitutional right and mandate to visit and inspect development in our constituencies, we shall in no way waste time looking for some District Commissioner or police officer to beg that we should visit and interact with the people in our constituencies. So let Wynter and his police and DCs know that were are ready to go to jail for only visiting our constituencies, “Mr Kakoma said.
He said it was the worst kind of oppression to restrict MPs from going to their constituencies because MPs were part of the government as legislatures and that it was their duty to explain what government was doing in their areas.
He said the PF had resorted to intimidation because they had realized that they had failed Zambians by their inability to deliver their mega campaign promises.
He said President Sata was scared that the MPs would continue exposing them once their ineptitude and corrupt activities and had resorted to violating the rights of the MPs to visit their constituencies.
“That action in itself is part of the PF’s desire to create a one party state by restricting the movements of the MPs from the opposition. There is no law that restricts MPs from visiting their constituencies. For many years, the MPs have been going to their constituencies without any form of restriction and one wonders why this government is always intimidating people. We have refused their decree and can you imagine that I have to ask for permission to go and visit a school being built using the Constituency Development Fund,” Mr Kakoma explained.