Govt fails to explain subsidy removal

Government has been accused of failing to adequately explain the removal of maize and fuel subsidies, the people of Sinazongwe in Southern Province, have said.
In an interview with the Daily Nation, Sinazongwe youth activist, Parental Mukonka said he was disappointed with the PF government’s failure to identify the right people to explain to the ordinary Zambians crucial national policies like subsidies.
He said many people in rural areas not just in Sinazongwe were misled by the explanations of subsidies because even the ministers who were going round appeared to lack knowledge on the issue.
“Subsidies need to be explained in a very simple manner so that even illiterate villagers can fit in to avoid surprising interpretations like those coming from Sinazongwe. This shows that the ministers also don’t understand about the subsidies,” he said.
Mr Mukonka said that President Sata had to urgently relook at the quality of some of his ministers because their intellectual limitation was not only laughable but a serious hindrance to national development.
“The interpretation of subsidies by Sinazongwe villagers after government effort to explain them is really beyond my comprehension. Subsidy has become the talk of the day in Sinazongwe. And as youths, we are expecting a lot from this government, but nothing seem to be promising” he said.
He said that it was unfortunate that ministers appeared to have implied that subsidies removal meant that government would take away even the little things the poor owned and give them to the already rich, because they felt had a negative impact on the livehood of people.
“When the subsidies issues were explained, it disappointed and worried citizens because they felt mocked as poor people who had very little as it was, but had to give up even more.
It is like a father sending his wife to the children at the very end of the day to explain why they had no food the whole day,” he said.
Mr Mukonka noted that even villagers were able to analyze that government was no longer taking national matters seriously.
He said the move had a devastating impact on the consciousness of the common people as the new policy posed a serious risk to their survival and would bring untold hardships to many Zambians.