MMD must not die -Saunders

The current situation in the opposition MMD is unfortunate and disturbing and it is up to the leadership to ensure the party will not drift into oblivion, says political activist, Dante Saunders.
Mr Saunders claimed that the opposition MMD had a big task to fight for its existence because it was the founder of the democracy Zambia was enjoying today.
Mr Saunders said it was sad that the PF government came into power just to bring confusion by ensuring that all who appeared to be threats were gotten rid of.
He said that was a time Zambian people woke up and fought for democracy, because there was a big task to ensure that democracy does not collapse in the hands of the PF government.
Mr Saunders described MMD as a strong party despite what the party was going through and advised the leadership to take interest to strategise and save the vulnerable citizens who were living in fear under the leadership of PF government.
“The process of democracy is guided by principles and if indeed it is governance of the people by the people and for the people, then democracy must be upheld and allowed people to express their views,” he said.
Mr Saunders said it was unacceptable that the PF government wanted to get rid of MMD through nullifying and poaching all its MPs in a bid of taking over the entire parliament.
“Mr Sata never allowed his MPs to work with the government when he was in the opposition, and these are some of the things he should bear in mind now that he is in power,” he said.
He accused the PF government of trying to find ways of getting into a one party state before the general elections.
He appealed to the people of Zambia to respect the people who were speaking on their behalf while they still had time to raise their voices.
“And I am sure that they are not at rest not until all the voices are shut down to pave way for their intended type of governance, and this is a wakeup call to all Zambian people,” he cautioned.
Mr. Saunders said Zambians must not allow the PF government to take away democracy that was fought for by other people and given to them free of charge, but instead must fight back.
He claimed that government was using state machinery and by-elections so that the opposition parties run out resources.