PF obsessed with numbers in parley

The Patriotic Front administration in its quest to have two third majority is about to nullify two more Parliamentary seats which are Milanzi held by Whiteson Banda and Solwezi East for Lucky Mulusa.
A PF member of parliament who sought anonymity revealed this to Daily Nation that his party would stop at nothing until it gets the 106 seats in parliament.
The source said as far as the ruling party was concerned it needed to have an absolute majority in parliament for easy passing of bills in the house.
He said as evidenced by the courts decision, there was a directive from high offices that all constituencies should be under the control of the ruling Patriotic Front.
He revealed that the plan was for his party to penetrate and gain confidence in the areas where it did not get votes through out the country in order for them to take full control.
He said of late the ruling party had been experiencing difficulties in areas where they did not have the local support.
The source said “it is a political strategy for us. We know we are one step ahead and that has worked to our advantage. This is not about sabotaging the constitution; it is about our party and the numbers.
“Can you tell me how many MPs did MMD have in parliament? They were the majority and that was why they did all they could because of having numbers. Who wouldn’t want to have more members? We are in power and our decisions must be final. These seats are being nullified some of them despite winning their arguments in the High Court.”
The PF leader said that it was possible for the party to have all the numbers in parliament because of the policies it was implementing.
And the opposition MMD said it was not surprised that the ruling party had stopped at nothing in getting the numbers in Parliament a situation which it described as detrimental to the growth of democracy in the nation.
MMD’s deputy National Secretary Chembe Nyangu said the rate at which the Patriotic Front was moving was worrisome.
Mr Nyangu said the move by the PF would endanger democracy in Zambia and called upon all Zambians to defend democratic principles.
“It is wrong for the PF to think that to rule they need to have all the seats in parliament. A government can only be respected by what it does to the people and not by forcing your way in. These by-elections like we have said are a waste of government resources and we urge President Sata to put a stop to these by-elections.
“We know that the target is to get seats in areas where the PF did not get maximum support but this would not alleviate poverty levels among our people. They are now going after the seats in rural areas because knowing that they will win by taking advantage of the poor,” he said.