Dora targeted by ACC for political reasons

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is being used to block former MMD Petauke Member of Parliament Dora Siliya from re-contesting the seat after it was nullified by the Supreme Court, says MMD vice president for Politics Michael Kaingu.

And UPND women’s’ league has said that the PF government is determined to kill women’s participation in decision making position.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Dr. Kaingu said that ACC was being abused by the Patriotic Front (PF) government to discredit and block the former Petauke parliamentarian Ms. Siliya from re-contesting the seat.

Dr. Kaingu said that he was troubled to see how the ACC were conducting the investigations, adding that ACC had been compromised to the level that it had lost its direction.

“You are aware that so many seats won by the MMD were petitioned by the PF and the Supreme Court nullified them on account of corruption and other electoral mal practices. But what shocks me is the manner the ACC has taken to handling the matter involving Madam Siliya. What is so special about the Supreme Court ruling in Ms. Siliya’s case to attract ACC to probe her? What about other seats or candidates whose seats were nullified on account of corruption and other mal-practices? Who is instructing ACC to target political probes against those perceived to be anti-PF?” asked Dr. Kaingu.

Dr. Kaingu noted that ACC had exposed itself to public debate because they were acting on political directives to punish innocent citizenry.

He said that it was a sad development that the respect the people of Zambia had for the institution had eroded to levels where its integrity was heavily at risk.

And UPND national women’s’ Chairperson Namakau Kabwiku said that the PF government was determined to kill women’s participation in politics.

Mrs. Kabwiku said that the nullification of MMD’s Petauke MP Dora Siliya was suspicious and women in politics advise her to re-contest the seat.

“The PF is determined to kill the opposition in this country but what is most worrying and scaring is the women’s’ participation in politics. We are saddened that the PF are now using the courts to target female politicians. The nullification of Ms. Siliya is highly suspicious and we would like her re-contest the seat because the people of Petauke want her,” she said.

She said that the corruption allegations against her were questionable, adding that ACC was playing double standards in the manner it was conducting corruption allegation.

“There is too much double standards by ACC, this is not the first time the Supreme Court is nullifying a seat on such claims but we have not seen the ACC acting on various issues of that nature.  What is so special about Dora Siliya? Why not other MPs who have had their seats nullified what is happening?” she wondered.

Mrs. Kabwiku said that there were more serious corruption allegations leveled against senior PF leaders which were not followed by ACC and wondered how Ms. Siliya’s case had moved so fast where ACC was planning to summon her for questioning.

ACC Director General Roswin Wandi has indicated that the former MMD MP would soon be called for questioning as the ACC is “actively” on the case.

“Our legal team is already working on Ms Siliya’s case following the ruling. We are already on the case and we will soon obtain the full judgment from the Supreme Court so that we can thoroughly study it and map a way forward.”

The probe of Ms. Siliya comes in the wake of Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu’s announcement that the Supreme Court’s decision to nullify Ms Siliya’s election was to be taken “seriously” following the gravity of the corruption allegations.