Fire Wynter, Sata told

President Michael Sata has been petitioned by senior members of the Patriotic Front (PF) central committee to remove party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba for causing unnecessary confusion and acrimony among the PF hierarchy.

They are also concerned by wrong legal and technical decisions that have pitted the PF government against such professional organization as the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ).

Two senior PF Central Committee members told the Daily Nation that President Michael Sata has received numerous complaints against Mr. Kabimba and want him replaced soon at an elective gathering in order to save the party from drowning.

Most PF loyalists, he said, felt that President Sata was betrayed and misled in the manner he was advised on various issues of governance, which had led to many Civil Society Organisations, including the Law Association of Zambia questioning his leadership style.

“President Sata was badly and wrongly advised on legal matters by PF lawyers and ministers on various issues,” he said.

The officials said that the PF membership was facing a lot of transition difficulties which were not supported by the party constitution and manifesto but personally driven by Mr. Kabimba whose main agenda was to secure the party presidency.

The official said that party members at both grassroots and national level structures had informed and complained to President Sata about the scheme to destroy the party if Mr. Kabimba was not offered the position of presidency.

President Sata was reportedly annoyed with these reports and was not happy about what was going on. The public outcry about many things that have gone against their promises made the President sad and soon he would speak out. He felt that the people of Zambia especially those that voted for change were betrayed.

One of the officials revealed that President Sata had lost confidence in Mr. Kabimba because of serious leadership problems he was causing in the party.

“The biggest problem we have in the PF is that Mr. Kabimba wants to drag his agenda against the party agenda, constitution and manifesto.  We are finding it strange the manner in which he is managing the party as Secretary General. We have complained to the leadership that ba Wynter is making us unpopular with the statements he is making in public, we have told the leadership that abantu balatubukila, actually nabatubukila kale,” said the source.

The official also informed the Daily Nation that there was too many lies and baseless fabrication against some PF loyalists aimed at tarnishing their names to the president which was not done in the best interest of the party.

They said that members were hurt in the manner lies were fabricated against Kabwata MP Given Lubinda, suspended Lusaka Province chairman Davis Chama and other senior party officials who were on the line for suspension.

The officials said that the party now was struggling to address the issues raised in the constitution making process as a result of the unilateral decisions Mr. Kabimba had taken on many issues of governance which had affected the popularity of the party.

They further said that it was not only Kabimba who was undermining President Sata’s leadership but other ministers, “it is not only the opposition complaining about the conduct of some PF ministers.

There are many PF members complaining. If these people want to dispute this story, ask the PF leadership in Munali, Chawama, Matero, Kanyama, Lusaka Central and Mandevu Constituencies respectively. Ask the leadership of the PF in Chongwe what they are saying about the PF. They will tell you what is happening and the cause of the current crisis and lack of comprehension by the PF in policy and governance.”