Scott talks very carelessly

The hatred and lack of respect for fellow citizens especially former leaders has thrown the country into disarray and total anarchy, human rights activist Brenber Changala has said.

Reacting to vice president Guy Scott’s comments calling former president Rupiah Banda ‘a chap’, Changala said he was very disappointed with the vice president who he said could have been the only one in President Sata’s cabinet to be counted on.

“I thought we could count on him in the midst of confusion. I did not know that he was equally useless and gets excited for nothing. How can he call a former president ‘chap’? Where does he draw this kind of insolent? He asked.

He said Dr Scott was a misfit in the social, cultural and economic development of the country and must shut up.

He said that the vice president should be reminded that even if he hated RB, there was nothing he could do to change the fact that Mr Banda is former president and commands a large following both local and internationally.

“Scott must check his language when dealing with bonafide Zambians. He is a rare specie in our midst and he must live within the parameters of being a strange specie lest he is misunderstood,” he said.

Mr Changala said that Scott should be told that Zambia was not being governed well and people’s tempers were very high adding “he must not find solace in attacking and humiliating the former president”

Mr Changala said that Dr Scott should realise that the revolution to bring PF into government was mounted by youths below the age of 30 adding that it was unfortunate that the youths were being governed by people in their late 70’s who are not privy to the daily needs of the youths who own the revolutionary.

“Scott and Sata do not form any part of the vision and acceralated need of the young generation in combating poverty, disease and the bleak future that they shoulder” he said.

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  1. But was it not the same Kamwendo Munjila who once remarked: ‘Onani ivo vimasilu?” So let the old chap enjoy a taste of his own medicine, osati ku lila lila chimuchembele choonse monga ka mwana ai!

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