Learn from Egypt, govt warned

The ousting of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi by the people is a warning to all African leaders and President Michael Sata in particular not to take their popular vote as a barometer of measuring their popularity in order to over stay in power, People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti has warned.
And Mr. Mulongoti has said that it is unfortunate that the Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Wynter Kabimba had continued to exhibit high levels of arrogance by measuring the party’s popularity through questionable by election victories.
In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr. Mulongoti warned that those given power to govern must make good use of the power and not suffocate freedoms and rights of the people who gave them the mandate.
“The development in Egypt is timely and a clear warning signs to all African leaders not to take election victories as the barometer to measure their popularity to stay in leadership or power. The same way the power is given to them it can also be withdrawn in the same manner,” he said.
Mr. Mulongoti said that Mr. Morsi was insensitive to the demands of the people of Egypt and wanted to govern the country his own way leaving out millions of people who voted for him and supported his initial agenda for the country.
He said that most leaders in Africa, Zambia inclusive mistook the election victory as a permanent mandate to stay in power for a long time forgetting that the people can remove then at anytime they so wished as long as issues were not moving according to the expectations.
Mr. Mulongoti said that, what happened in Egypt could happen anywhere else if leaders show arrogance, insensitivity, and failure to listen to the people, the route the PF had taken in their governance of the nation.
“Morsi mistook the election victory as a permanent mandate, now he has been shown that the people have a final say. So arrogance, insensitivity, lack of understanding anywhere in the world is unacceptable.There must be continued dialogue with all stakeholders in order to promote unity of purpose,” he said.
And Mr. Mulongoti observed that Mr. Kabimba’s continued arrogance and measuring the popularity of the PF by victories the party was recording in by elections as misleading.
“Mr Kabimba keeps on talking about their clear mandate they got from the by elections victory all the time, he should know that even Morsi comfortably won the election. That was the mandate he got from the people in that country but because of his arrogance, lack of respect for good governance and constitutional breaches people decided otherwise” he said..
Mr. Mulongoti warned the ruling party that the issue of majority and popularity should never be in the language of leaders because their mandate must show them working towards national reconstruction and reconciliation.
“There must be all embracing. This is a lesson to Kabimba which he must learn and not to be arrogant as if this country belongs to him alone. He must realize that the problem Egypt was facing is similar to this country. I would like to remind him of one such critical problem, the constitution making process, it is the reason President Morsi has been consumed. I want him to know that we are in a similar position. So let this government stop being arrogant with the people, let them listen to the concern of the people,” he said.