Shut up, Scott told

Vice President Dr. Guy Scott is a strange old man who doesn’t have respect for the office of the President by describing former President Rupiah Banda as a chap, says MMD vice president for politics Michael Kaingu has observed.
It was totally unacceptable, he said, that Dr Scott would refer to a former President in demeaning terms.
“Let this man address issues and not insult a person who is much older than him and his President, let him learn to tell the truth rather than putting blame on the MMD because the MMD had done what it did to effectively improve the livelihood of the people of Zambia.
The developmental projects they are singing about now are MMD programs and not PF, what the people of Zambia want now is to see the PF stop ubufi and get control of governance rather than continuing in the opposition mood which has proved to be highly costly to the party and its leadership,” he said.
Dr. Kaingu said that the PF in its current state or form can no longer inspire the people of Zambia towards National Development because most of its leaders believe in telling half truth.
He said that Dr. Scott was behaving like he was suffering from jet lag for not telling the people of Zambia the truth why the PF delayed the distribution of farming inputs last farming season rather than insulting former President Banda.
He said that it was difficult to understand why Dr. Scott was still behaving like he was in the opposition by continuing telling lies to the people of Zambia instead of explaining  the successes of the PF.
“He must realize that he wanted the job of Vice President and the people of Zambia gave him that job and it is time to deliver rather than insulting Mr. Banda and telling lies to the people of Zambia about the poor farming policies under the PF,” he said.
Dr. Kaingu wondered what was wrong with Dr. Scott, saying that Zambians were not foolish to have forgotten about his history when he slaughtered his pigs.
He said that Zambians and small scale farmers were not gullible to forget that Dr. Scott was the one who introduced the promissory notes for farmers, a project that failed and put farmers into serious financial problems.
Dr. Kaingu reminded Dr. Scott that it was him who introduced yellow maize in Zambia because his Ministry of Agriculture failed to produce white maize to feed the people of Zambia.
He said that Dr. Scott was supposed to explain to the people of Chipata Central the intention why Members of Parliament where invited to a free yellow maize lunch if his government meant well for the people of Zambia.
“When I was growing up I was told that old men don’t lie until I met Scott.
Scott is telling lies that the MMD failed the Agriculture sector by failing to distribute inputs. Actually it was the PF who failed to distribute inputs. This old man is very strange that he fails to tell the truth about his failures. He is an underperformer we know him,” said Dr. Kaingu.
Dr. Kaingu said that what was disappointing was that Dr. Scott had completely forgotten that Agriculture Minister Bob Sichinga apologized to the people of Zambia for the delay in the distribution of inputs and attributed it to other factors within the PF and not MMD.
He said that Dr. Scott had a problem and if he continued with the way he was behaving he would soon burn himself out of politics.