Copper trucks marooned at borders

Several trucks carrying copper ore meant for export are stranded at Katimamulilo-Kazungula border and Chirundu posts because they have not been cleared under the new Bank of Zambia (BoZ) Statutory Instrument No. 55 of the 2013.

Some truck drivers have complained that they have been marooned at the borders for almost a week following the new regulations on mineral exports in Zambia.

One of the drivers said he has been parked at Kazungula since Thursday and that he was not aware of when he could be allowed to proceed for South Africa’s port in Durban.”I was supposed to be in Durban yesterday (Sunday) but am stuck here which I think is time wasting for me,” he said.

The driver complained that lack of adequate security for the trucks was a source of concern as it was inconveniencing for them as they needed to be on guard against any illegalities with the copper ore on their vehicles.

And Mining companies have been urged to comply with the recommendations of the Statutory Instrument No. 55 as it is a Law and a commendable measure for government’s revenue, says Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI).

ZACCI vice president -south Jerome Kawesha said the chamber was in support of SI 55 which enabled the Central Bank to monitor the mineral exports in the country.

Dr Kawesha said if the companies were experiencing problems in implementing the new piece of legislature, they should find an alternative action in the business.

“If they (mining firms) have any challenges in implementing the law, it is advisable they meet and discuss on the way to resolve their problems,” he said.

The drivers for the marooned trucks have expressed concerns of their continued stay as they were now stranded at the border which did not provide enough security and sanitation facilities for the huge numbers of people.