Chikopa tribunal remains halted

High Court Judge Florence Lengalenga has granted retired Supreme Court judge Phillip Musonda leave to seek judicial review over the Judge Lovemore Chikopa tribunal.

Musonda, who alongside Judges Nigel Mutuna and Charles Kajimanga, are facing probe after President Michael Sata on instructions from his puppet masters Fred M’membe and Director of Public Prosecutions ordered him to constitute a tribunal.

Ndola High Court Judge Mwinde Siavwapa has already granted Kajimanga and Mutuna leave to seek judicial review throwing the Chikopa tribunal into further turmoil.

Musonda, who has resigned from the judiciary, had argued that the action against him was rendered irrelevant the moment he stepped down from his position.

It still remains to be seen how the ‘kangaroo’ tribunal will proceed in light of these developments.

However, Chikopa, who has been holed up in Zambia after being imported from Malawi, on government money has shown more than usual zeal to go on with proceedings regardless of the obstacles.