Corruption fight for political opponents – Mulongoti

The fight against corruption under the Patriotic Front (PF) has been a farce which has turned into a monotonous chorus meant to persecute perceived political opponents of the PF, Peoples’ Party president Mike Mulongoti has said.

Mr Mulongoti has observed that he people involved in the fight against graft have been petty in dealing with the scourge and Zambians were tired of listening to the same old song of the fight against corruption.

Mr Mulongoti said Zambia had remained deeply divided because of citizens persecuting each other adding time had come for the country to preach reconciliation so that the country could undergo some political healing.

He said Zambians had instead been subjected to maneuvers and schemes by those in government to hunt leaders of the previous government.

Mr Mulongoti has warned that the PF leaders who were championing the fight against corruption were neither holly nor angels and that time would soon come when they would also have to dance to the same monotonous chorus of graft fighting.

Mr Mulongoti has told the Daily Nation that the fight against corruption under the PF government had completely collapsed because the only people they were targeting were those perceived to enemies of the the government.

Mr Mulongoti said Zambians were aware that there was rampant corruption in the PF administration and that time would certainly come when the culprits would have to account for their actions while in government.

He said it was not politically correct to pursue citizens on allegations of corruption on the basis that they did not belong to the party in government.

He said the corruption fight under the PF was yet another waste of time and money because there was nothing tangible that was going to come out of it.

Mr Mulongoti when asked to rate the PF government on the fight against graft, he responded: “Are they fighting corruption? For me, they are pursuing history and we have been on that path before and we did not reach anywhere. We are back on the same path and I can tell you that this country need to go forward because cannot continue with this hatred, vengeance, retribution and persecution under the guise of fighting corruption. Those who are doing it now should know that time will come and they will dance to the same tune they have made others dance to.”

Mr Mulongoti stated that if the fight against corruption was genuine, the PF could have been investigating the current leaders who have been accused of being corrupt.

He warned that time often flew fast and soon the PF leaders would be shuttling between one court and another to answer the numerous corruption allegations that would be leveled against them.

He said the PF leaders were acting like they were angels yet Zambians knew that there was more corruption in the PF government than ever before because there had been a scramble for the country’s purse since the ruling party came into power.