PF dishonest on Constitution

Civil Society Constitution Coalition has demanded that the government should give a clear position on the current constitution making process in the country.

In a statement on behalf of coalition, Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) national coordinator Father Leonard Chiti said there was so much uncertainty in the finalization of the draft including the deadline for submission.

Fr Chiti said the coalition was immensely disturbed with the apparent lack of seriousness on the part of the Minister of Justice Winter Kabimba who failed to explain the expected date of delivery of the constitution by the Technical Committee.

“What is even more surprising is that on the 9th of July 2013, he made a statement in which he made no mention of the exact date when the draft constitution would be simultaneoulsy presented to the general public and the President,” Fr Chiti stated.

He charged that June 30 2013 was supposed to be the deadline before then Committee requested for an extension which up to date has not been announced if it was granted which drafts should be ready within the supposed new deadline of 31 July 2013.