Zambia’s constitution process endangered – Nason Msoni

The constitution making process is more likely to fail to live up to the expectation of the people, political analyst Nason Msoni has said.

He said the entire process was under serious threat given that the process no-longer enjoyed the necessary political will as there were signs that progressive submissions currently in the draft constitution were not being supported by those in government.

Mr Msoni said the suspension of funding the process was meant to frustrate the constitution making process so that the process could be derailed.

He said there was also a danger that President Sata could easily thrash the document as incomplete as he had exhibited a propensity to trash findings from his own commission of inquiries.

“It would be too ambitious at this stage to expect to have a people driven constitution given that enemies with their previous and dreaded one party state dictatorship of UNIP have regrouped and ready to kill democracy.

“Given the hostile environment under which the new constitution is being crafted, we doubt whether this government can deliver a proper and durable constitution to the Zambian people. This should explain the premature withdraw of state resources from the technical committee under the pretext of saving public resources by Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba,” Mr Msoni said. He said it was unfortunate that government made such a move before the committee could finalize the drafting process.

The political analyst argued that it was premature for government to have frozen financial support from the technical committee when at the same it was inducing by-elections which were gobbling a lot of money that could have been using to construct the constitution.

Mr Msoni said Zambian should not expect anything different from the previously flopped constitutional making processes that collapsed after a lot of tax payers money had been wasted.

He said constitution making process under the PF and a group of unelected group of political pirates operating at State House would want to hold-on to state power and continue with undemocratic tendencies.

He said Zambians should expect nothing more than just a PF play book unsuitable to qualify as a peoples driven constitution.