Evelyn Hone college closed

Evelyn Hone students rioted yesterday protesting government’s decision to exclude them from the bursary scheme, disadvantaging many students who cannot afford the fees.

This riot which took place around 0200hours saw Police apprehended 72 students among them 52 females and 20 males for taking part in demonstrations.

Minister of Education John Phiri has since closed the institution  for a period of two weeks to allow for rehabilitation of damaged infrastructures including six lecture theatres at the institution.

Making the announcement, Dr Phiri warned the rouble rousers that there was no place for them at the institution.

He told a media briefing that the institution shall be closed for the stated period to allow for repairs to the damaged infrastructure at the college, and has given students up today (Friday) morning to leave the institution.

He alleged that government suspected that students were being incited to riot by elements outside the institution.

Dr. Phiri warned that government would deal decisively with all external influences that would be found guilty of inciting students to riot.

And Lusaka Commissioner of Police Joyce Kasosa told the Daily Nation that the students were being kept in police cells at various police stations across the city.

She said the students are being held to help with investigations over the riot that erupted at the institution in the early hours of Thursday.

Ms. Kasosa said the students were likely to be charged with malicious damage to property, and were expected to pay the admission of guilt charge of K22.50 before being allowed to leave.

“The students damaged a lot of properties including private vehicles inside the yard at Central Police as well as some college property, and they should pay an admission of guilt fee for them to be released and those who cannot afford will be taken to court,” she said.

However, the students were said to have demonstrated against government’s failure to place them on the bursary scheme and improve the poor sanitation standards.

The riot begun around 03hrs in the early hours of yesterday (Thursday) when students protested demanding for improved sanitary conditions at the institution among others things.