I forged govt seal, Kachingwe admits

There is no proof to show that any money was sent to a secret account belonging to former President Rupiah Banda or his Son Henry from proceeds of a Nigerian oil deal, the Lusaka Magistrate Court heard yesterday.

Expelled Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Secretary Richard Kachingwe yesterday admitted that he was  the one who initiated the Nigerian “Oil deal” in which former President Rupiah Banda is currently being prosecuted.

He was  behind the formation of  SARB Energy Nigeria a company to which he conferred powers of Attorney to act on behalf of the Zambian Government.

Speaking during cross examination by defence lawyers Kachingwe admitted that the whole scheme started when he was serving in Nigeria as Deputy High Commissioner when he  was approached  by two Nigerian businessmen who proposed an oil deal with Zambia.

He worked with the group and invited a Zambian Contact William Ngwira from SBN chambers to register a company in Nigeria which was to act on behalf of the Zambian Government.

He admitted that there was no direct Government to Government agreement between Zambia and Nigeria, but that the Nigerian businessmen with his Zambian nominee acted on behalf of the Government.

In this regard Kachingwe manufactured a Zambian Government seal, without the authority of the Attorney General and Foreign Affairs, which he gave to the Nigerian Company, for use in sealing documents that purported to serve as a Government to Government agreements for the purpose of procuring of oil from Nigeria.

Kachingwe who was speaking during cross examination by Defence Lawyer Sakwiba Sikota further denied before Lusaka Magistrate Joshua Banda having ever given the investigating  team an email showing that, the Nigerian firm paid the former head of state money realized from the sale of oil that was lifted from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

He also could not say whether any oil from Nigeria had been delivered to Zambia.

While maintaining that the former head of state, Mr, Rupiah Banda was paid, Major Richard Kachingwe said, he had no evidence to show the court that the former head of state was paid.

During cross examination by one of the defence lawyers Linyama Lubinda, Major Kachingwe

Indicated that  in the absence of proof he could not tell whether or not the former head of state was paid the money from the Nigerian oil company.

He said the investigators had earlier confiscated his laptop for the purpose of searching but after a search, his laptop was given back to him.

He denied that the people he was dealing with in Nigeria were a bunch of liars.

Major Kachingwe also protested revelations that he had fraudulently manufactured documents for a woman from Burundi to travel to Sweden to attend a conference on behalf of the MMD. The woman was arrested and deported back to Zambia when it was discovered that the papers were obtained fraudulent.

Major Kachingwe complained that secret intelligence information was being abused.



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  1. Justice will prevail in RB’s case,our GOD is of justice,kachingwe is just confusing himself,he bcame state witness due to expulsion anger frm MMD U can’t b witness wit fu of frustrations & anger in heart,kachingwe just withdrawal at last u b jailed.

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