Govt bows to pressure on stadium name

Government has u-turned on its earlier decision to name the soon to be completed Lusaka Stadium as the Gabon Disaster Heroes National Stadium to the more user friendly Heroes National Stadium.

Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili who had announced on Wednesday that cabinet had settled for the widely condemned, lengthy and cumbersome name said government had noted the opposition from the public and had settled for a shortened version of the name.

“I wish to confirm that the stadium shall now be called Heroes National Stadium, this puts to rest the issue of naming the new Lusaka Stadium,” he said.

“We have listened to the concerns of the people. The stadium belongs belongs to the people of Zambia.”

The naming of the stadium had drawn a sharp reaction from football lovers and the general citizenry who expressed their disapproval through social media.

Legislators had threatened to drag the matter to parliament after Kambwili initially said the matter was not open for debate but the reversal would effectively bury the matter.

The stadium is due for completion in October and has been named after the 30 member crew, including 18 players that perished off the coast of Gabon in 1993.


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  2. What can one expect from stinking idiotic fools who cannot even name a stadium! I am left to wonder what names Kambwili’s children carry. And this is the buffoon that was once Zambia’s top diplomat, I tremble to think of the damage done when he loudly farted next to the Queen at the Australian Commonwealth Summit stinking out the good old girl nearly to death with his scrap metallic sulphuric gas!

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