Kampasa eviction stopped

The Kampasa residents have been granted an injunction by the Lusaka High Court restricting government from evicting them from their controversial land after they had taken the matter to court demanding tenancy and compensation for the inconvenience and damage caused to their property.

This means that the Kampasa residents are not leaving the pieces of land that they have been occupying for decades.

The 1228 Kampasa residents through their lawyer Martha Mushipe had sued Galaunia Farms Limited, the Attorney General and Chongwe District Council as first, second and third defendants respectively.

“…And upon reading the Affidavits filed in support of the application therein and the plaintiff’s undertaking to pay damages to the defendants if this honorable court finds that the defendants have sustained any reason of this order, it is hereby ordered that the first, second and third defendants or their servants or agents be restrained from interfering, intervening, demarcating, developing, evicting, displacing, fencing off of the land or taking possession of Farm No, 33a, the remaining extent and or forming part of or known as Kampasa Settlement or in any dealing with the property until the determination of the matter herein,” said Judge Sichinga in his ruling.

The residents were asking for an order of interlocutory injunction to restrain the defendants and their servants from interfering, intervening, demarcation, developing, evicting, displacing, fencing off the land or taking possession of farm number 33a until determination of the matter.

On June 14th, the Zambia National Service (ZNS) officers raided Kampasa village killing two villagers (Clement Mulongo and Phumulo Lungwangwa) in cold blood while the third villager, Derrick Nyirongo was shot in the buttocks and is still nursing bullet wounds.

But yesterday, High Court Judge Dominic Sichinga granted the Kampasa residents an injunction restraining Galuni and the government from evicting them from their land until the matter was determined by the courts.

The residents are also demanding that t as sitting tenants, they should be considered first in buying the land.

The shooting and killing of the two Kampasa villagers was one of the worst gruesome actions by the military in years but President Michael Sata had elected not to comment on the matter as Commander-In-Chief and after almost a month after the macabre, there has never been any formal arrest of the suspects.

Police have continued saying they are investigating the matter although two ZNS officers were initially arrested.

The matter has been adjourned to July 19th, 2013.