Nigerian oil deal a hoax -Kachingwe

“The Nigerian Oil deal is a hoax and the Zambian government has not lost any money,” State witness Major Richard Kachingwe has said.

In his continued testimony Maj. Kachingwe told Lusaka Chief resident magistrate Joshua Banda that no money was paid to the Nigerian National Producing Corporation (NNPC) to the tune of US$2.5 million as alleged in the charge against Former President Rupiah Banda in the oil deal.

When reminded that Former President Rupiah Banda had his immunity removed by parliament because of the Nigerian Oil Deal and the US$2.5 million paid, Major Kachingwe said that there was no such amounts of money paid and government did not lose out at all.

“There was no money remitted through Bank of Zambia to pay for oil, there was no money originated from government to pay for the oil. The money was paid by Sub Energy Company. The money is not Zambian government money,” he said.

Maj. Kachingwe said that the oil deal saga was a hoax as no such amount of money was paid to any company or individual to procure crude or finished product oil for the Zambian government.

He also told the court that he did not know about the lifting of oil and other transactions involved saying, “I didn’t come back home with a signed contract or contracts. I left it in Nigeria. I was just an envoy and I don’t know about the lifting of oil, who lifted, transported and who paid the money in question. For me I don’t know those details. The oil report was just a hoax,” said Maj. Kachingwe as the court gallery broke into laughter.

Major Kachingwe told the court that the Nigerian President did not reply to the letter requesting for the supply of 45 000 barrels of fuel, adding that as an envoy of former President Rupiah Banda to Nigeria on the oil deal he did not also see any letter from Nigeria.

He also said that the letter of offer was not addressed to former President Banda, adding that the only reply they got was through the offer letter which was not addressed to former President Banda but to the government.

Maj. Kachingwe said that he was the source of all the information about the oil deal, “It was my first time to be involved in an oil deal or contract and I delivered.

I was not blank at the time I was signing the oil deal.

And Major Kachingwe told the court that he was bitter with former President Rupiah Banda because he lost an election forcing MMD out of government.

He said this after Prof Patrick Mvunga asked him why he had extended his animosity to former President Banda.

“I am not happy with him over a number of issues and for Nevers Mumba, I will not forgive him until he apologizes to me.

He has stolen the MMD. Bitterness today, who wouldn’t be bitter with RB? RB found us in power and we are out now and how do we explain this to the people?”

Earlier Major Kachingwe told Court that he misled the court in his testimony on Thursday when he said that only one government seal was made in Nigeria for an oil deal.

He said that there was another seal he forged or counterfeited.

Maj. Kachingwe further said that he had been to Nigeria and met Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito at a hotel in Abuja since the start of the matter in court.

He said that government paid for his trip, lodging and other expenses to go and give an interview or evidence to the Economic and Financial Crime Commission of Nigeria (EFCC) and was accompanied by an officer identified as Friday Tembo.