Chinsali residents accuse DC of abandoning office

Residents of Chinsali district intend to petition the Provincial Permanent Secretary Kapembwa Sipenje to tell them whether the District Commissioner Evelyn Kangwa has ceased to be their DC because of her absence from office for more than a month.

Speaking on behalf of the residents Lovewell Nzovwa said that Ms Kangwa had abandoned her office for campaigns in Chipata for the PF candidate in the July 25th by elections.

Mr Nzovwa alleged that this was not the first time the DC had abandoned her office for political duties.

He said the residents would demand for an explanation from the PS and if need be ask for a replacement of Ms Kangwa who would be attending to issues in the district.

He said it was unfortunate that the DC was first serving her interests first rather than that of the people in the district.

“We know that now she is in EasternProvince campaigning for Mangani Phiri, last time she was in Feira when she is expected to be in her office. We have been told that she is on leave by the person that was currently occupying her office. The acting DC now is a Mr Chanda from the District Education Board Secretary ‘s office (DEBS).

“If Ms Kangwa is on leave as she claims why did she have to go with the driver who is also a government worker? Does it mean that when the DC is on leave the driver will have to be on leave too and are they allowed to use a government vehicle moving from one election campaign to another?” he said.

Mr Nzovwa there was many issues that needed the attention of the DC in the district but wondered why this current administration opted to use public officers.

He said Ms Kangwa the former PF district chairperson for Chinsali should desist from playing the role of a cadre and assume her public responsibilities.




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