Scott must apologise for calling Rupiah Banda a ‘chap’

A senior citizen has demanded that vice president Dr Guy Scott should immediately apologise to former President Rupiah Banda for calling the statesman ‘chap’.

Mr Edward Masiwa of Pemba said he was very disappointed with the leadership in the ruling Patriotic Front government because they had no regard for people that should be respected.

Mr Masiwa said the behaviour by Dr Scott towards the former Head of State was not appealing to the younger generation and would be leaders in the country.

He said it was unfortunate that instead of apologising, Dr Scott had continued to defend his disrespectful behaviour towards senior citizens of this country.

The senior citizen wondered what type of lessons the vice president was imparting to the aspiring leaders in the Patriotic Front.

He said this type of arrogance and lack of respect by Dr Scott had never been experienced before and as a senior citizen he appealed to President Michael Sata to tame his deputy because of his recent attacks even on neighbouring countries.

“As a senior citizen of this country I demand that Dr Guy Scott apologises to President Banda for referring to him as a chap. In Zambian tradition which Scott belongs to it is an insult for him to talk about a senior person let alone a former President like that.

“Rupiah Banda was our Republican President and every person needs to treat him as such. It is most unfortunate that we have leaders that have no respect for others and it seems like it is a habit for Guy Scott to talk ill about other people whether he is sober minded or not.

This behaviour by Scott is uncalled for and we demand that right thinking people in the PF should sit Scott down and tutor him on how much we respect the elderly,” Mr Masiwa said.

He said despite being leaders the Pf should have some respect for senior citizens of this country regardless of their status in society.

He advised Dr Scott to desist from attacking Zambians and concentrate on implementing the failed PF policies that could benefit the people of this country.