We can stop PF -Fr Bwalya

Only a united front will stand up to and remove the Patriotic Front (PF) government which has proved politically, socially and economically disastrous, Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya has said.
And former Transport and Communications Minister William Harrington has called on the opposition political parties to emulate the spirit of oneness Zambians showed when rejecting the disastrous name government had given to the new stadium if they were to win the war against the dictatorship that has emerged in Zambia.
Fr Bwalya has however said the PF regime could only be stopped from what he described as destructive ways of governance if Zambians got united and challenged the PF administration with one strong voice.
He said the spirit that was exhibited during the time of Zambia’s liberation could be rekindled and that the country could easily be redeemed from the ethos of the one party state without violence.
“But all this can be stopped if Zambians started speaking with one voice like they did in rejecting the disastrous name government gave to the new stadium.  As ABZ, we are summoning that great Zambian spirit so that we can rescue our country from this disastrous PF government,” Fr Bwalya said.
Father Bwalya has said Zambians should also be ready to experience the highest levels of mediocrity from the PF regime because the leadership in the ruling party was using arrogance and intimidation as a way of governing the country.
Fr Bwalya said the attempt by the PF to give the new stadium under construction at Independence Stadium a disastrous name had exposed the mediocrity and insight on the part of PF administration.
Fr Bwalya told the Daily Nation that it had become evidently clear that Zambia was being governed by people who lacked intellectual insight in whatever they were doing and that was why the leadership was resorting to manipulation, repression and violence.
He said the failure by the PF cabinet comprising all cabinet ministers and the President to see anything wrong in naming a new stadium Gabon Disaster Heroes National Stadium was a clear indication that the governance of the country was in the wrong hands.
Fr Bwalya said between now and 2016, Zambians would continue being bombarded by arrogance and schemes in the constitution making process because the PF regime was working at butchering all progressive submissions included in the draft constitution.
“Between now and 2016, that is if the PF government does not collapse, Zambians should expect more violence, repression, intimidation, manipulation and scheming because these are the only means that would make President Sata stay in power until the end of his term. Zambians will also be treated to the highest levels of mediocrity in the running of national affairs by the PF government, Fr Bwalya said.”