Disclose Judge Chibesakunda’s contract, Gen. Miyanda demands

The government has been challenged to disclose the nature of the contract Justice Lombe Chibesakunda has signed and which provisions of the constitutions have been used to make her eligible to be the substantive Chief Justice.
Heritage Party (HP) president Godfrey Miyanda has charged that his party was objecting to the declaration by Dr Scott purporting to have confirmed the appointment of Justice Chibesakunda as the substantive Chief Justice when she had not been ratified by Parliament as was required by Article 93 (1) of the Constitution.
Gen Miyanda said Dr Scott should have restrained himself from cracking jokes in Parliament and giving sub-standard answers to serious questions stating that his conduct in the House was not inspiring.
He said government should publicly indicate what kind of contract Judge Chibesakunda had signed and its commencement and expiry date of the contract purporting that the judiciary had a substantive Chief Justice.
Gen Miyanda explained that by suggesting that Justice Chibesakunda was the substantive Chief Justice without Parliamentary ratification, Dr Scott was imputing that Article 93 (1) of the Constitution had been declared redundant by the executive.
He told the Daily Nation in a statement that by allegedly declaring Article 93 (1) redundant, the executive was plotting not to submit another name to Parliament as was required by Article 44(4).
Gen Miyanda said as concerned citizens, his party was not calling for plans to look for a constitutionally qualified candidate for the office of the Chief Justice but that they were demanding the observance and compliance of the law by the executive.
He said Dr Scott as leader of the Government Business in Parliament was the representative of the President in the House and that whatever he was saying; it was the President who was speaking.
He said that what Dr Scott said in Parliament was not law and demanded the Vice-President should begin responding to questions by citing actual provisions in appointing Justice Chibesakunda as substantive Chief Justice.
The HP president charged that the naivety displayed by Vice-President Guy Scott during the question time in Parliament on Friday last week where he had declared the Parliamentary ratification process moribund and purported that Justice Chibesakunda was the substantive Chief Justice was but baffling.
Gen Miyanda said Parliament was not a Boy Scout Jamboree for cracking jokes but that the House was meant for serious business where government should aspire to give authoritative statements so as to put contentious issues dividing the nation to rest.
“We advise government to desist from treating Parliament like a Boy Scout Jamboree for cracking jokes and entertaining Boy Scouts by the Scout Master. The Vice-President Question time sessions do not inspire because some serious questions are treated as jokes. The Heritage Party objects to the declaration by the Vice-President Dr Guy Scott purporting to confirm the appointment of Madam Justice Chibesakunda as substantive Chief Justice. The naivety displayed by Dr Scott during the Question time is baffling,” Gen Miyanda said in a statement to the Daily Nation.