Hichilema waits for serious reply from Sata

Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says he is still waiting for a serious and non comical response to the issues he raised in his letter to President Michael Sata on 9th July 2013.
Mr Hichilema said this in his reply to Mr Sata in a letter dated 15th July 2013 that he was disappointed that Mr Sata’s response did not address any issues that he raised in his letter.
He said Mr Sata in his usual manner had avoided the substance of his communication and had changed into trivialities.The opposition leader said the office that Mr Sata held was a public office and should therefore be accessible to all citizens regardless of whether those citizens were elected or not.
‘Following the “logic” of your letter, suggests that you will never respond to journalists because they have never been elected at section, branch, ward, constituency, district, province or national level. We now understand why you have subjected the nation to the “silent treatment” for 22 months by avoiding to hold press conferences’ said Hichilema in his letter.
Mr Hichilema told the President that he was elected president of the UPND on 14th July 2006 at their second general assembly that comprised of 777 delegates from branch, ward, constituency, district, province, national level and members of the parliament.He explained that at this assembly which was held at Mulungushi conference centre he obtained 512 votes which represented 65% of the total votes cast.
Mr Hichilema said during his party’s extra ordinary assembly extended the mandate of all National Management Committee members to allow for the electoral calendar adjustment.
“We note in contrast that you were “elected” as Patriotic Front president at Mulungushi Rock of Authority in Kabwe in a strange way. No single ballot was cast, yet you and your entire central committee were “elected!” Strange form of democracy indeed! It is my earnest prayer that you will not import this type of “democracy” from your party to the nation,” read the letter.
He said that after furnishing the president with the details of how he was elected, he was awaiting for his serious and non comic response to the issues he raised in his letter.