HRC pledges to remain focused

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) says the efficacy in meeting the people’s expectations would depend on the Commission’s ability to remain impartial analysts, non partisan and courageous arbiters in all matters relating to the full realisation or enjoyment of rights by all people in Zambia.
Commission chairperson Pixie Yangailo said this when she opened a five day workshop to review its strategic planning and structure.
Ms Yangailo said the Commission should periodically review its strategic plans in order to make itself adequately and effectively responsive to the human rights needs and expectations of the Zambians who expressed collective will in establishing the Commission through Parliament.
She said the decision to restructure the operations of the organisation was to respond to the changing environment where people were now more aware of the commission’s role in governance.
The Commission chairperson revealed the importance of strategic planning saying it ensured that the vision and mission of an institution were translated into actions and activities.
“Strategic planning helps to forestall haphazard operations that are reminiscent of ‘groping in the dark’. Our planning must take cognisance of the status of human rights in the country at the time of our planning and also forecast and focus on the likely scenarios in the future,” Ms Yangailo said.
She said her Commission would remain relevant to its purposes as well as to the expectations of the people locally and internationally.
The Commission chairperson also observed that the promise contained in the Patriotic Front manifesto on the Commission should be adhered to by the PF administration.