Zambians have the right to question government

Zambians have the right to question President Sata’s actions regardless of their status and appeal to the Head of State to rise above pettiness and address national issues with the seriousness they deserved, the Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has said.
FODEP executive director MacDonald Chipenzi said Mr Sata had failed to inspire Zambians because of the unpredictable manner in which he responded to serious national matters.
He said President Sata has failed to respond to many critical national issues such as the unconstitutional stay of acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda in the office of the Chief Justice.
Mr Chipenzi said that Mr Sata had been very uninspiring in responding to various social, economic and political challenges.
Mr Sata had either been casual or petty each time citizens demanded an explanation from him over what was happening in Zambia.
.He said Mr Sata as Head of State should not demand that citizens who had issues with him must be elected because Zambians had the right to claim exemplary leadership from the President.
He said it was cheap for President Sata to trivialize the constitutional matter of acting Chief Justice Chibesakunda when Zambians wanted to know why he had chosen to allow an illegality in the judiciary which was an important and independent arm of government.
He said Mr Sata had reduced the presidency to such low levels where Zambians were wondering whether the President would ever be serious when dealing with national issues.
Mr Chipenzi called on President Sata to seriously reflect on his conduct and see if it was compatible with the office of the President.
“There is actually a general outcry among the general public that President Sata has failed to inspire citizens because of his erratic behavior. On countless times, Mr Sata has failed to respond to national issues citizens have raised and has instead trivialized important constitutional issues,
“Our appeal to him is that let him reflect on what he has been saying to the nation and see if his comments on these national matters add substance to the presidency. People are feeling that the presidency in Zambia has been reduced to embarrassingly low levels and it is not good for the country,” Mr Chipenzi said.
Mr Chipenzi said Mr Sata should begin seeing things from a national perspective rather than reducing himself to partisan levels because he was a president for all Zambians including those who contested the presidency with him.
He said that opposition political parties were a relevant part of the governance system and that it was not right for the president to be politically prejudiced when challenged over matters affecting the nation.
“Mr Sata should start to inspire Zambians before his term expires in 2016.He should give Zambians hope that the presidency was an institution that must always reflect the dignity and aspirations of the people. It is not good to continue listening to conversations where every voice is either complaining or condemning the President for failing to live to the expectations of the people,” Mr Chipenzi said.
Last week UPND president Hakainde Hichilema wrote to President Sata appealing to him to consider another person to hold the office of the Chief Justice, as Justice Chibesakunda was a constitutional illegality.
But in reply, Mr Sata said he would not respond to Mr Hichilema’s letter because the UPND leader was not an elected leader of the opposition political party.