Land grabbing PF thugs uncontrollable

PF thugs illegally grabbing land from innocent citizens cannot be disciplined by government because they are now completely out of control, says Chikondi Foundation president Bishop John Mambo.
Bishop Mambo said that it was impossible to contain the situation now because the PF government tolerated the thugs on the basis that they belonged to the ruling party.
He was reacting to Minister of lands Wilber Simuusa’s statement promising that government would come up with stiff measures to stop illegal land allocation that will also halt deter PF thugs from engaging in such vices.
Mr. Simuusa further said that the police had been instructed to apprehend illegal settlers starting with Lusaka.
The clergyman said that most of the people who suffered at the hands of PF thugs over land matters were vulnerable citizens who needed government protection.
But Bishop Mambo said the statement by Mr Simuusa was not inspiring because of the failure by the PF government to fulfill what they promised the people.
“How can the people of Zambia believe government when it has never stuck to its word? They are just good at promising but when are they going to say we have done this. Seeing believes?” he said.
Bishop Mambo said if the issues of land allocation were left to the relevant authorities, illegal acts by political thugs were going to be the thing of the past.
“Government tolerated all these things in the first place when they knew that what the PF thugs were done was wrong, and because there were no measures taken to stop the vice, the thugs started to take advantage of the situation and it will now be difficult to control them,” he said.
He advised the people of Zambia not to be docile by being used by politicians who wanted to increase their popularity through dubious ways.
He said there was rampant corruption in the manner most of the national resources were being allocated, adding that even the illegal acts of land allocation were in most cases not followed up for remedial action.
He advised the Church not to be compromised, but instead remain the voice for the voiceless to avoid violations and abuse of human rights against the people of Zambia.
“We want to see the Church coming out and taking action against violation of human rights. Look, government has taken advantage of the group of the people that are compromised in our society, and this is not good at all,
“How can people involved in the illegal land allocation pay for it when most of them are senior officials, for example the land wrangle in Lusaka West where about 33 senior police officers were involved, and you expect them to account for that, it is impossible,” he said.