Another journalist arrested

Police in Kabwe have arrested another freelance journalist Wilson Mpondamali barely a week after state agents and the police raided the homes of two Lusaka freelance journalists, Clayson Hamasaka and Thomas Zyambo.
Mr Mpondamali was picked up by the police while he was on his way to Kabwe from Lusaka.
The police raided Mr Mpondamali’s home in Kabwe on the morning of Wednesday around 05:30 hours where they turned his home upside down and collected any  documents they could find.
The police are said to have been looking for seditious materials and confiscated among other things note books, articles, some professional textbooks and grabbed the mobile phone of his wife Patricia Mpondamali.
Mr Mpondamali was picked up around 18:00 hours on Tuesday and by press time, the Kabwe based journalist was still at Kabwe Central Police where the police were taking a warn and caution statement from him.
Mr Mpondamali’s lawyer Mulilo Kabesha confirmed that Mr Mpondamali was at the Kabwe Central Police giving a statement.
Last week, a combined team of state agents during the night raided the homes of Mr Hamasaka, the former Evelyn Hone Journalism lecturer and Mr Zgyambo, former Zambia Daily Mail journalist and abducted them on suspicion that they were correspondents for an online line publication, the Zambian Watchdog.
The two journalists were in police custody for 48 hours before were charged with sedition and latter released on police bond.
The crackdown on journalists in Zambia is likely to be heightened as most of the journalists have become targets of the state.
The government has been instilling fear into citizens and it is becoming frighteningly predictable that Zambia may not be the same in the coming years of the PF in power as the police and state agents have been turned into infrastructure of violence, harassment and intimidation.
The Media Institute in Southern Africa (MISA) had been on the ground in Kabwe and managed to find a lawyer for Mr Mpondamali who is likely to be charged with sedition.