PF thugs block Nevers, Chipimo from Radio Mano

Two opposition political party presidents were yesterday blocked from featuring on Radio Mano to discuss the state of affairs in the country by Patriotic Front thugs.
The two are NAREP leader Elias Chipimo Jr and MMD leader Dr Nevers Mumba.
Yesterday morning, a cadre only identified as a Mr Chipili turned Chipimo away from the community radio station and warned that if the Programme went ahead, a group of PF sympathisers would use force to remove the NAREP leader from the studio.
“I have just been physically stopped from speaking on Radio Mano in Kasama by a Mr. Chipili who claims to be a PF “big fish” in Kasama,” said Chipimo.
Later Mr Chipimo went back to the station under police escort to conduct an interview. He said that as NAREP they shall not be moved by these intimidations.
But the PF cadres were adamant and blocked the entrance to the community radio station.
However, attempts to block MMD president Nevers Mumba did not succeed as Dr Mumba finally managed to feature on radio to discuss issues affecting Zambians.
But Opposition NAREP has protested the manner in which its party leader Elias Chipimo Jr was harassed by the PF thugs in Kasama yesterday.
NAREP vice President Charles Maboshe said the suspected PF thugs stopped Mr Chipimo from exercising his right as a citizen and leader of a political party in Zambia when he was scheduled to feature on Radio Mano.
He said in a statement that his party would not be intimidated by anyone including the PF thugs.
Mr Maboshe said “We want to send a strong message to the PF government and the people of Zambia at large that we are not a fighting party as our politics are issue based.
NAREP is on a journey to restore dignity, respect and care for one another and prosper the nation for all, instead of engaging in unnecessary confrontation. This is a resolve where no one can stop us and we shall not be intimidated by anyone, least of all PF thugs.”
He reminded the PF government that it would not be in power forever and therefore, it should use the opportunity given to them by the Zambian people to leave a good legacy.
Mr Maboshe has since called upon President Michael Sata to use his office for the good of the nation and the police command to rise to the occasion and perform their duties professionally and diligently by bringing to book the PF thugs who manhandled and harassed the NAREP leader.
He said police should also make sure that Mr Chipimo was given due protection for the rest of his tour of duty in the Northern Province.