Stop meddling in our affairs –Bemba chiefs

As the burial procession of the late Chitimukulu of the Bemba people commences the Bashilubemba have sent a stern warning to government to stop meddling into the traditional affairs of their chiefdom.
The Bashilubemba also said that their decision on who should be appointed the next Chief Chitimukulu were final and should be respected by everyone.
They vowed that they would not be compromised or intimidated by government because they have the right to appoint a chief.
They also said that after burial of the late chief, they should be left alone to appoint whoever they want to take over the throne of Chitimukulu without interference.
Mr James Mulenga who spoke on behalf of the Bashilubemba said this when he addressed mourners who gathered in Kasama yesterday to see off the body of the late Chitimukulu on its journey to Mwalule.
He said that nobody should interfere with the installation of the new chief because the Bashilubemba were the right people to talk about such matters.
Mr Mulenga said they were ready to go to jail in order to defend the chiefdom because they were not ready to be controlled.
He said that the decisions by the Bashilubemba should be respected by everyone including government saying that chiefs had been in existence before governments were formed.
He said that government should allow chiefs to have a say in land issues because they were the custodians of the land.
The spokesperson said the chiefs should be allowed to rule ulubemba without any interference.
Government was represented by defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba, Energy minister Christopher Yaluma and local government deputy minister Elfrida Kansembe.
The Bashilubemba had earlier indicated that they would not recognise chiefs that were appointed by government because they were the only ones with the mandate to do so.
The chiefs had rejected the interference from President Sata who had attempted to dethrone senior chief Mwamba from his throne.

However, the Bashilubemba defended their senior chief saying they were the final authority adding that Mr Sata had no authority to dethrone a chief.
They have since maintained that Senior Chief Mwamba would continue to carry out the roles of the senior most chief in the Bembaland. The late paramount chief Chitimukulu started off his journey to his final resting place after 09:00 hours yesterday morning.

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