Zambeef hits back

Zambeef has described as totally malicious the externalisation of the unfounded campaign to blackmail and scandalize their company over non existent tainted meat products.
This follows a decision by the Ghanaian Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to warn prospective importers of Zambeef products produced in Zambia to immediately halt the importation of Zambeef products from Zambia.
Zambeef Corporate Affairs Manager Justo Kopulande said the meat company did not and had never exported Zambian beef products to the two West African countries because Ghana and Nigeria were getting meat products sourced within the two countries.
Mr Kopulande said Zambeef would remain ethically disciplined and committed to providing the best meat products in Zambia and anywhere else where the company had its operations.
Mr Kopulande said the operations of Zambeef in the two West African countries were strictly restricted within the two countries and that at no time did the meat company export Zambian beef products to Ghana.
The GhanaWeb however reports that although investigations conducted by the FDA indicated that there were no imported beef products of Zambeef in Ghana, the general public had been cautioned against the importation.
GhanaWeb, an online publication in Ghana reports that FDA chief executive officer Stephen Opuni in his caution statement relied on the information and test results that were released by the Zambian Ministry of Health Food and Drugs Control Laboratory.
Zambian Ministry of Health has however failed to provide proof that imported Zambeef products were contaminated as has been alleged by some individuals and those that are bent at blackmailing and scandalising the meat company have resorted to external calumny.
But Zambeef has said it has never at any one time exported Zambian beef products to Ghana and Nigeria stating that all the Zambeef meat products were sourced and sold within the two West African countries.
Mr Kopulande told the Daily Nation that it was sad that a smear campaign against Zambeef that started about a month ago had been heightened by those who were determined to blackmail the company so that it could entirely lose its market portfolio in the region and other parts of the African continent.
Mr Kopulande said Zambeef was aware that those with the desire to destroy the reputation of the company would go to any lengths to ensure that their desires were satisfied.
He said Zambeef had not received any form of communication from the Ghanaian government complaining that Zambia’s Zambeef had exported beef products to that country that was laced with Aldehyde, the chemical that is used to embalm dead bodies.
“Let me make it very clear that our model of operations regarding Ghana and Nigeria is we source all the beef products sold in the Two West African countries within those countries. We do not and have never exported Zambeef products to Ghana and Nigeria.

We operate in those countries and everything that is sold in the countries is sourced within. So those who are on the smear campaign against us will go all the length to scandalize us and we are aware,” Mr Kopulande said.