Abandon Chikopa Tribunal-ADD

The Chikopa Tribal has become a drain on the country’s limited resources and should quickly be done away with, says Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) president Charles Milupi.

Mr Milupi has said the Chikopa Tribunal had suffered several legal difficulties from the time it was established by President Sata to investigate Supreme Court Judge Phillip Musonda and two High Court Judges Charles Kajimanga and Nigel Mutuna for alleged professional misconduct.

But government has vowed that the Malawian Judge would  not leave the country any time soon declaring that Judge Chikopa was going to stay in Zambia for as long as the life of the infamous tribunal was going to last.

Mr Milupi said it was unacceptable for government to legitimatize Judge Chikopa Tribunal when it had been rejected by all well meaning Zambians across the country.

He said the constitutional and legal issues that the three judges had raised in different courts of law were likely to take long and Judge was likely to stay in Zambia for a long time.

He said government must realize that Zambians were angry fort government to continue spending money on an exercise that had become purely academic.

Mr Milupi told the Daily Nation that it was not surprising that the Chikopa Tribunal was facing endless legal complications to ostensibly begin its proceedings because its constitution had from the inception been branded premature and illegal.

The ADD leader explained that government was being obstinate by funding Judge Chikopa because it was insensitive to the suffering of the majority poor and vulnerable Zambians adding that time would soon come when the PF government will have to dance to the tune of their masters, the  citizens.

“The Judge Chikopa Tribunal has remained a total waste of resources and we demand that government should abandon this wasteful exercise by stopping their rejected tribunal. On countless times, this tribunal has been stopped by our courts and this means that it has been rejected on the basis of its illegality.

“ With the legal difficulties Judge Chikopa is facing with our courts, it is most likely that this tribunal will not succeed in its mission and it is just an academic exercise that will gobble our resources,” Milupi said.

He said while the leaders in the PF government were telling citizens to tighten their belts, the leaders were busy loosening theirs as they have continued to amass wealth at the expense of the citizens.

But Chief government spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni said government had no intentions of sending the Malawian Judge back to his home country because it would not be in the interest of Zambia.

Mr Sakeni said those who were calling for Judge Chikopa to return to his home country were not representing Zambians because according to him, Zambians in rural areas were happy with what government was doing.

Mr Sakeni said he did not see the need to send the Malawian Judge back to his home stating that government was going to allow him to continue staying in Zambia for as long as the tribunal was going to last.

“For as long as the tribunal is on, Judge Chikopa is not going anywhere and you are saying people are demanding that he goes back to his country, which people are you talking about. Government will not listen to the voices of some NGOs and some politicians because there so many people in our rural areas that happy with the position of government. So my advice is that do not say people because those NGOs are not people,” Mr Sakeni said.

He said government was not even contemplating to abandon the Chikopa Tribunal because it was set up by President Sata for the purpose of establishing the truth on allegations of misconduct by the three Zambian Judges.