Justice Chibesakunda should leave office

Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda should leave office because Parliament has rejected her, says Pemba senior citizen Edward Masiwa.

Mr Masiwa  said the PF  regime, and particularly President Sata must learn to respect the decision of Parliament as the highest Constitutional office in the land, and do away with Justice Chibesakunda.

He  expressed concern at the continued undermining of the Legislature by the PF government in the matter of Justice Chibesakunda, something which was unprecedented in the Zambian history.

“We are seeing this for the first time in almost 50 years of existence as a country that a Chief Justice has been rejected by the people.

“If Parliament has rejected her appointment, why is she in office up to now? If the Legislature rejected her, why is the PF government insisting on her stay in office?” Mr. Masiwa asked.

Mr. Masiwa said MPs rejected the ratification of  Justice Chibesakunda for the position of Chief Justice which decision should be respected by President Sata instead of insisting on her stay.

He said being law makers, the Parliamentarians represented the views of the people and it was clear that Zambians had rejected Justice Chibesakunda as the head of the Judiciary.

He said there were many people within the system who had relevant qualifications to hold the office because the continued stay in office by Justice Chibesakunda was unhealthy for the country’s Judicial system.