PF ‘stealing’ NWP resources to develop Muchinga

Resources ‘stolen’ from North Western Province are being used to develop Muchinga, Kasempa MP Kabinga Pande has charged.

Chinsali district in MuchingaProvince alone,  he said, boasted of two universities while provinces such as Eastern, Southern, Luapula and NWP had none.

Mr Pande who was speaking on behalf of other MPS in the region said the people of NWP and the rest of Zambia were aware of the irregular development that was taking place since the PF formed government.

He was reacting to a statement attributed to President Sata in which the President is reported to have said NWP lagged behind in development because the MPs failed to engage him and his government on various development challenges

But Pande said the statement attributed to the President was not just misleading but mischievous and  deserved to be condemned in the strongest sense.

“We, Members of Parliament for NWP have received this statement of accusation with immense consternation, displeasure and with great exception. It is a great misrepresentation of facts and deserves to be condemned,” the MPs said.

He said it was an open secret that considerable resources from NWP were being channeled to developing a newly created MuchingaProvince

The parliamentarians stated that those that have visited Muchinga would bear with their complaint and testify to the speed at which the area was developing.

Mr Pande said the people in opposition should not be punished for expressing their electoral preferences and that being in the opposition did not meant that they should be viewed as enemies.

He said Mr Sata was the president of Zambia who must inspire development in all regions across the country and he was entitled to facilitate and foster development to all parts of the country as opposed to taking development only to those areas that voted for him and areas where he was popular.

They said that those that have visited Muchinga could attest to the supersonic speed at which the area was developing with modern buildings and other infrastructure mushrooming everywhere.  They said the people of the NWP were aware that at the moment, the province was the main contributor to the national treasury  through massive mining activities in the region.

The MPs said  apart from the development left by the MMD in the area, there was  little development taking place since the PF government took over the government.

They said not even the Chingola-Solwezi road was classified as top priority and yet that was the lifeline to the rich copper fields of NWP.

“It beats all logic to think that a road that feeds the nation can be left in such a state of dilapidation on account of  the fact that, it is in the opposition area and developing such roads could advantage the opposition.”

The MPs revealed that they had requested President Sata to consider transferring provincial capital from Solwezi to Kabombo which had many resources.