I know what you do in your bedroom

President Michael Sata yesterday told Chief Jumbe that he knew what he says and what goes on in his bedroom and warned him to stop talking ill of the PF government or face revocation of his chieftaincy.
Chief Jumbe spoke against the parading of Paramount Chief Mpezeni at the PF campaign rally held in Chipata last Saturday, as he felt that partisan political functions should not be patronized by chiefs whose subjects belonged to different political parties and must therefore be non partisan.
Mr Sata warned the chief that he would face the same fate as Mr Henry Sosala whose chieftaincy as Senior Chief Mwamba of the Bemba speaking people of Kasama in Northern Province he recently revoked.
The President also doubted the chief’s ability to rule as he was bald and therefore clearly unable to look after his hair.
Speaking during the official opening of the House of Chiefs in Lusaka, President Sata angrily told off Chief Jumbe in the presence of other traditional leaders and told him to stop attacking or talking ill of the president if he wanted to continue as chief.
“A Jumbe lekani nimiuzeko, everyday 24 hours I know what you say and I know what goes on in your bedroom, why have I mentioned you and why have I not mentioned any other chief? If I don’t greet my own paramount chief who am I going to greet?
“And you chief Jumbe you say how did Sata introduce Mpezeni at a public meeting, because you chiefs, people don’t respect you. Me I was trying to respect you that is why I took Mpezeni in order to be respected and you say no, and then you condemn your chairperson of the House of Chiefs,
“Anyway be careful ba Jumbe, if you cannot keep your hair then how can you look after your people,” Sata said.
He told Chief Jumbe to learn to respect him as he was a President and duly elected by the people of Zambia, adding that it was in his best interest to respect the authorities in order for him to continue being a chief. And Mr. Sata has challenged chiefs throughout the country to help resolve land wrangles being experienced in their chiefdoms.
He said that he was concerned about the continued loss of lives due to land wrangles which needed to be addressed soon.
President Sata said that the PF government identified the important role chiefs played in bringing harmony, peace and unity in the country, adding that it was important to resolve all land problems in the nation.
He said that the PF regime would work closely with the traditional leadership at various levels in ensuring that there was transparency and accountability in the management of both customary and gazetted land.

2 thoughts on “I know what you do in your bedroom

  1. Chief Jumbe has nothing to be ashamed of what he does in his bedroom, we all know the chief “eve yake inotimba, ino suka mkhondho ndithu”. But we also know what Sata is now “NOT CAPABLE TO DO IN THE BEDROOM”. Instead of “kusuka mkhondo, eve anosuka chabe ka urinary bag, everyday! Kupusa.

  2. Between Museveni (bold head) and Sata, who is a fruit head? Bwana president, hairs on the head has no correlation with leadership abilities. The many times Sata has cited baldheaded people is worrisome.

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